Here's a clear list of what we're doing to be as sustainable as we can be right now. No bullshit. This list is not exhaustive and we are always looking for ways to improve where durability, circularity and sustainability in general are concerned. 



  •  Fjordalp products are designed with durability in mind. Other qualities such as low weight, fit and functionality may also be desirable but we'll always aim to make the product as durable as it can be within the design brief.  



  • We use premium materials that last longer and perform better
  • We aim to use recycled materials where possible. If a non-recycled material is used that will usually be due to an increase in performance or durability. We're a (comparatively) small company and sometimes market forces mean we don't have access to as wide a range of recycled materials as we'd like. 



  • Most of our products are made in the UK in small batches to meet demand.
  • Our patterns and manufacturing methods are optimized to create as little waste as possible. 
  • Any fabric waste that is created during production is collected and used where possible to produce other products. 


Storage & Shipping:

  • Almost all of our products are made, stored and shipped in the UK.
  • We offset the carbon released during shipping with Planet by Shopify.
  • Orders to Europe are shipped using ground transport.
  • Items are shipped in plastic free and 100% recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.


Warranty & Repair:

  • Lifetime warranty. More info here.
  • Where possible, we'll repair damaged Fjordalp items free of charge, even when outside warranty.


End of life:

  • FullCircle is our end of life service that aims to keep used Fjordalp products in useful existence and out of landfill for as long as possible. Read more about FullCircle here.