We believe circularity is a powerful tool in our efforts to make Fjordalp as sustainable as possible. We hate to see useful materials and components thrown away, so we created FullCircle. 

FullCircle is our end of life plan for Fjordalp products. We aim to keep our gear in use and out of landfill for as long as possible. By using materials from items that are no longer useable to create new products, we divert fabric from landfill and spread the carbon footprint of initial manufacture over many more years. 

FullCircle exists in two forms:

1. Used but unwanted items can be returned to us for a store credit that can be used on a new Fjordalp product. We'll either sell the returned item as second hand, use the materials to make a new item or donate it to a worthy cause.

2. Fjordalp products that have reached the end of their life and cannot be repaired can be returned for recycling. We will use as many elements of the item as possible for repairing other items. We will also disassemble worn out products and create new products which will be available in the FullCircle store. 

FullCircle will be available sometime in 2023.