Insulated Entonox Cylinder Case



Designed to keep an Entonox cylinder protected from the cold. For mountain rescue, ski patrol and SAR teams.

Currently, this product is made to order. Please get in touch for ordering info or if you have any questions. Custom colours and branding may be available. Thanks. 

Entonox gas is an effective and widely used analgesic for mountain related medical emergencies. However, in low temperatures gas separation can occur. The Insulated Entonox Cylinder Case protects the gas from cold temperatures and makes separation less likely. 

The Insulated Entonox Cylinder Case is built to the same specification as our regular insulated bags and cases. We use premium materials and construction methods to ensure the Insulated Entonox Cylinder Cases are durable enough to stand up to regular mountain use. 

The case has a shell of Ecopak EPX 200 fabric from Challenge Sailcloth. Ecopak is a composite textile made entirely of recycled polyester fibres. It's strong, durable and waterproof. Primaloft Gold synthetic insulation provides the barrier to cold. This recycled insulation is one of the best on the market and is light and durable too. The case is then lined with Polartec 200 fleece; 100% recycled fleece of the very highest quality. 

The zip around opening makes it easy to get a cylinder in and out of the case. The dual zippers mean a hose can be fed out of the case and gas administered without having to remove the cylinder from the case. 

Shaped to fit a 700 litre cylinder with room to spare at the end for hose, mouthpiece and any other small items. 

A webbing handle at each end makes it easy to pull out of a pack and a daisy chain makes it easy to clip the case to a variety of objects if required. 


Length = 61cm / 24”, width / height = 10.5cm / 4.5”. 

Weight - 240g.

Made in the UK.