Ultra Stuff Sack

CONCEPT is a series of journal posts looking at the background behind Fjordalp products, from idea to reality.

The Ultra Stuff Sack came along pretty soon after we discovered that Challenge Sailcloth had released a new fabric into their range called UltraGrid. In many ways UltraGrid was the kind of fabric we'd been hoping the American company would develop. It dovetails really nicely with their Ecopak range of materials which we utilize in our MTN Stuff Sacks and crampon bags. 

Due to its composite construction, Ecopak EPX 200 is very durable and puncture proof, whilst remaining fairly lightweight and of course 100% recycled. It is these qualities that help make the MTN Stuff Sack so special. 

After creating the MTN Stuff Sack, we then looked to create a lighter and more flexible stuff sack, that still provided exceptional durability, combined with as small an environmental footprint as possible. Enter, UltraGrid.

UltraGrid is made using recycled nylon; mainly from carpets and upholstery that is saved from landfill. A grid of ULTRA fibres (also known as Dyneema) is then added to the textile. This makes the fabric very tear proof and incredibly strong. A PU coating is applied to the rear of the fabric to make it waterproof and a PFC free DWR is added to the face for water resistance. 

In short, UltraGrid is the perfect material for lightweight stuff sacks, bags and luggage for the mountains. Both ourselves and our ambassadors tested the fabric and the results were great.

Although we wanted the Ultra Stuff Sack to be lighter than the MTN Stuff Sack, we still wanted to retain the raft of features that make our stuff sacks so functional. So, the Ultra Stuff Sack still has the super slick open / close system that's simple to use even when wearing gloves. It makes removing and stashing gear during a backcountry transition or alpine belay so much easier. 

We also included a rear webbing loop for attaching the sack via a karabiner to a pack, harness or tent. The round base has a built in handle that makes grabbing the sack out of a pack and removing items super easy. 

The Ultra Stuff Sack comes in at weights of 41g, 50g and 76g for the small, medium and large sizes. It's light, but not at the expense of function and durability. The small works great for keys, phone, a wallet and other small items. The medium is a good size for stashing skins, a puffy or other spare layers. The large works for a climbing rack, sleeping mat or other larger items. 

Check out the Ultra Stuff Sack here >