EDM Rope Bag

CONCEPT is a series of journal posts looking at the background behind Fjordalp products, from idea to reality.

Pretty soon after our Fjordalp was born we started being asked to make a RAD Line rope bag, that also functions as a throw bag, for snowboard and ski mountaineering. In recent years super skinny 'ropes' like the Petzl RAD Line have become very popular with skiers and snowboarders venturing into steep and / or glaciated terrain. It makes sense to carry these kind of ropes in a rope bag that can be thrown to a partner in a crevasse or couloir, or when in need of help in steep terrain. 

These kind of rope bags are not just for winter use. They definitely have a place for summer mountaineering and scrambling use, particularly on marginal ground when a rope isn't always needed but is useful to carry just in case. 

We worked with our ambassadors and mountains guides to develop a design that is simple, functional, light and durable. UltraGrid was an obvious choice for the fabric. It works incredibly well in our Ultra Stuff Sack and has proven to be extremely durable for its weight. UltraGrid is a recycled nylon fabric with a double ripstop of UHMWPE Ultra Fibre and a waterproof PU backing. 

Rob Benton on steep terrain in the Ecrins. Image - Taco Spirensma.

The EDM Rope Bag features our signature glove friendly open / close system for ease of use. We added a large, strong webbing loop into the collar to make it easy to clip the bag to a harness, pack strap or into some gear.  The double layer base has two eyelets enabling a re-threaded figure 8 to be fed through and used as a clip-in point. The bag is sized to take ropes up to around 8.5mm in diameter and 30m in length.

Check out the EDM Rope Bag here >